Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"This Is Halloween" - Horror Movies

First day of the This Is Halloween Nail Art Challenge created by Bec from Lacquer Dreams!!

I'm not a big fan of Horror Movies (an euphemism to saying I HATE them!), so there's no movie I actually like. However, Jason was the horror movie icon when I was a kid, and making a Friday the 13 themed nail made sense (hubby's suggestion, I must add).

After getting little sis' input in the design, and hubby's opinion about the first (failed) finished product, I finally reached a result I liked. As much as I can like a Jason mask and lots of blood splatter... :-p

Colours used were Black Expressionism (Finger Paints), Snow Me White (Sinful Colors), and Big Apple Red Creme (New York Color). Dotting tools of all sizes and a toothpick (for the splatter) were my best friends!

I'm happy I managed to do it! Even happier because this was the one I was not really thrilled about, and it turned out fine. Really excited about what's yet to come!




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