Friday, September 28, 2012

Challenge accepted...

...or not! :-p

This week I came across Lacquer Dreams "This is Halloween" Nail Art Challenge, and decided to give it a try.

Keeping up with two manis a week (and posting them!) will be a challenge on its own. Finding inspiration and coming up with interesting (and feasible) ideas will definitely add difficulty to it. But I though it'd be interesting as my first challenge. I'll do my best to follow through, even though I'm already struggling with the first one... :-(

Little sis may show up as a star feature to help me keep up. We'll see how it goes. Wish me luck! ;-)



Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sarah's Pink

Late in April I was offered to work full time for a few weeks (I was part-time back then). One of my colleagues was going on a medical leave, and they asked me to help with some of her duties during her time away from the office. Timing was good, as I had no classes and the experience would be great!

The girl I'd be working for, Sarah, LOVES pink. (And glitter! But I didn't know that much at the time...) She's always wearing something pink, either outfits, nails, or at least her hair! No better way to start the week working together than wearing some pink on MY nails...

I tried on Oh My Magenta (Revlon), bought during my US trip with Lidia, expecting it'd be easy to work with. Coverage wasn't that good, requiring thick coats, which meant longer drying time. Some nails woke up sheet-stamped, but some top coat took care of that.

There was a bit of blue shimmer over the bright pink, which I found interesting. Guess Sarah liked it, but I'll stick with blue for myself... ;-)



Friday, September 21, 2012


Back from the road trip, I was still in a Springy mood and looking for blueish colours. Ended up with teal on my nails: Hippie Chic (Colorama).

Colour is gorgeous, and somewhat dusty. Definitely not as bright as I'd expected. It was a perfect match with my blouse and scarf worn to work during the week! ;-)

I thought the colour would look good in matte, so a layer of Cobertura Fosca da Cor (Colorama) was added a few days later. I really enjoyed the result: both the look and the feel!



Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Road Trip!

Hubby wanted to celebrate his birthday with a road trip in our new car. We took a couple of days off and enjoyed our long weekend passing through many little Ontarian towns. Weather wasn't that bad for early spring (this was back in April), with mostly sunny days but still a bit cold. It was kind of frustrating to find most attractions closed, as everything in those little towns opens/starts in May... We did enjoy the trip, though!

When asked which colour I should wear, hubby asked for blue because it's my favourite colour! :-D

Husky (Risqué - Risqué ♥ Dogs collection) is a dusty medium blue. Even though it requires 3 thin layers for full coverage and opacity, it was easy to work with and clean up wasn't bad at all (specially considering it's a blue!).

I loved the colour, and the sun made it look even better on picture!



Friday, September 14, 2012

Easter Mani

Once again, gotta remind you that I haven't been blogging in real time. This mani was done back in April, for Easter Sunday.

I chose some pastel colours that I had in my Sephora by O.P.I. minis assortment, and the details were made with a dotting tool.

The base colour was "Natural Environ-Mint", a light pastel blue matching my pajamas!

I was surprised with the result, because I did expect more of a green/minty colour...
As any light pastel colour, this baby blue required 3 layers for full coverage and no streaks.
The lighter outer dots are Dear Diary, a baby peachy pink creme. The purple dots in the middle were seen before: "It's Hippo To Be Square".

The bright orangey metallic dots and the zigzag pattern were "How Cute Is That?".

When looking for inspiring Easter manis, I came across Kelsie's Nail Files' matte design (her bunny is the cutest little thing!). A matte top coat (Cobertura Fosca da Cor - Colorama) was a great change after a couple of days. I thought the matte Easter Eggs were a better match than the glossy ones!! :-)

How cute is that? ;-)



Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jelly Sandwich

Life was a bit like a stormy sea, and having Ocean on my nails couldn't be more appropriate! ;-p

The Winter term at school was coming to an end, and along came exams, essays, and not a lot of time to do my nails... Layering was the perfect solution to change the look a bit and unwind from one of my finals.

I was aiming at a Jelly Sandwich. My first ever, even though I've already published the second one on my Polish Days debut.

Instead of using a glitter polish, I decided to go for a flaky: Paz e Amor (Impala). It's a clear base polish with blue and green flakes, which was part of my nail care package sent by Cleide.

Flake coverage was not enough with one layer, and I didn't wanna thicken it up too much. Sponging (with one of those make-up ones) was the perfect solution to stamp lots of flakes on the nails, while soaking up most of the clear base.

After a couple of days showing off all that flaky sparkle, I finalized the Jelly Sandwich with the main component missing: the Jelly!

The blue addict in me chose Royal (Revlon) for the first Jelly experiments. It looked gorgeous on the nails, and I was pretty happy with the results. Too bad the pics don't show nearly as much as my eyes could see. (hubby's calling me poetic today... :-p)

Another monster unleashed: layering and sandwiches!



Friday, September 7, 2012

No more chickenpox!

After playing with the dotting tools and getting bothered by all the staining caused by Doce Orgulho, I wiped it clean to try something else: Ocean (Revlon).

I bought it during my haul with Lidia, and it came in a kit with Fire, my go-to Red.

They are both from the Top Speed collection, and I figured Ocean would be as easy to play with as Fire. Boy, was I wrong!

Ocean was wild, and dried way too fast. Faster than I was able to cover the whole nail, causing some dragging and requiring a second coat to even it out. Clean up was not that easy either...

The colour made it all worth it, though! :-)



Tuesday, September 4, 2012

And then we're back to red...

This turn's untried was Doce Orgulho (Risqué).

Not easy to put on, a nightmare to clean up, and a stained and uneven result.

After a few days, I decided to put my dotting tools to work, and try a bunch of different sized dots using Conhaque (Colorama). Looked like a chickenpoxed nail... ;-)