Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sarah's Pink

Late in April I was offered to work full time for a few weeks (I was part-time back then). One of my colleagues was going on a medical leave, and they asked me to help with some of her duties during her time away from the office. Timing was good, as I had no classes and the experience would be great!

The girl I'd be working for, Sarah, LOVES pink. (And glitter! But I didn't know that much at the time...) She's always wearing something pink, either outfits, nails, or at least her hair! No better way to start the week working together than wearing some pink on MY nails...

I tried on Oh My Magenta (Revlon), bought during my US trip with Lidia, expecting it'd be easy to work with. Coverage wasn't that good, requiring thick coats, which meant longer drying time. Some nails woke up sheet-stamped, but some top coat took care of that.

There was a bit of blue shimmer over the bright pink, which I found interesting. Guess Sarah liked it, but I'll stick with blue for myself... ;-)



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