Friday, September 14, 2012

Easter Mani

Once again, gotta remind you that I haven't been blogging in real time. This mani was done back in April, for Easter Sunday.

I chose some pastel colours that I had in my Sephora by O.P.I. minis assortment, and the details were made with a dotting tool.

The base colour was "Natural Environ-Mint", a light pastel blue matching my pajamas!

I was surprised with the result, because I did expect more of a green/minty colour...
As any light pastel colour, this baby blue required 3 layers for full coverage and no streaks.
The lighter outer dots are Dear Diary, a baby peachy pink creme. The purple dots in the middle were seen before: "It's Hippo To Be Square".

The bright orangey metallic dots and the zigzag pattern were "How Cute Is That?".

When looking for inspiring Easter manis, I came across Kelsie's Nail Files' matte design (her bunny is the cutest little thing!). A matte top coat (Cobertura Fosca da Cor - Colorama) was a great change after a couple of days. I thought the matte Easter Eggs were a better match than the glossy ones!! :-)

How cute is that? ;-)



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