Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Road Trip!

Hubby wanted to celebrate his birthday with a road trip in our new car. We took a couple of days off and enjoyed our long weekend passing through many little Ontarian towns. Weather wasn't that bad for early spring (this was back in April), with mostly sunny days but still a bit cold. It was kind of frustrating to find most attractions closed, as everything in those little towns opens/starts in May... We did enjoy the trip, though!

When asked which colour I should wear, hubby asked for blue because it's my favourite colour! :-D

Husky (Risqué - Risqué ♥ Dogs collection) is a dusty medium blue. Even though it requires 3 thin layers for full coverage and opacity, it was easy to work with and clean up wasn't bad at all (specially considering it's a blue!).

I loved the colour, and the sun made it look even better on picture!



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