Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jelly Sandwich

Life was a bit like a stormy sea, and having Ocean on my nails couldn't be more appropriate! ;-p

The Winter term at school was coming to an end, and along came exams, essays, and not a lot of time to do my nails... Layering was the perfect solution to change the look a bit and unwind from one of my finals.

I was aiming at a Jelly Sandwich. My first ever, even though I've already published the second one on my Polish Days debut.

Instead of using a glitter polish, I decided to go for a flaky: Paz e Amor (Impala). It's a clear base polish with blue and green flakes, which was part of my nail care package sent by Cleide.

Flake coverage was not enough with one layer, and I didn't wanna thicken it up too much. Sponging (with one of those make-up ones) was the perfect solution to stamp lots of flakes on the nails, while soaking up most of the clear base.

After a couple of days showing off all that flaky sparkle, I finalized the Jelly Sandwich with the main component missing: the Jelly!

The blue addict in me chose Royal (Revlon) for the first Jelly experiments. It looked gorgeous on the nails, and I was pretty happy with the results. Too bad the pics don't show nearly as much as my eyes could see. (hubby's calling me poetic today... :-p)

Another monster unleashed: layering and sandwiches!



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