Friday, May 25, 2012

Muito Obrigada, Cleide!!!

The title means 'thank you so much, Cleide', my aunt.

As mentioned in the Drunken Nails post, I was looking for brighter reds.

My aunt decided to join my cause, and sent a whole bunch of reds through my mother-in-law, who came to spend the holidays with us. The polishes arrived right in time for my birthday and Christmas!!

I can't call it nail mail, because it wasn't posted. But it was definitely as exciting to get the package!!

Polishes from left to right, up to bottom:

Risqué: Nunca Fui Santa, Shar Pei, Gabriela, Santa Gula, Doce Orgulho, Coque
Impala: Novo 70 Paz e Amor
Colorama: Garota Verão, Rosa Chiclete, Nariz de Palhaço, Vermelho Ivete, Estréia, 5ª Avenida.



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