Friday, May 4, 2012

My first time...

OK, it might not have been the first time ever, as I remember wearing a dark shade for my high school prom, many years ago. But this was the first time both my sister and I decided to wear something other than sheer white for no special occasion.

We went to the nail salon, as I do when in Brazil (it's a lot cheaper than in North America!). Teresa (the lady who always does my nails) chose this orange-red shade. Unfortunately, I do not know the name or the brand. I do remember it was not Colorama or Risqué (which will be featured here very often).

Little sis' wore only 2 coats of Plano Perfeito (Colorama), even though she wanted some sheer white coats on top to lighten it up. Oh, how things have changed since then!



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