Friday, May 18, 2012

Drunken Nails

I needed a bright red polish to match my red-and-black dress, but all my reds (at the time I didn't even have 10 dark-coloured polishes) had pink notes to them.

So I went for one of my untried, that I'd brought with me from Brazil: Conhaque (Colorama). It's a dark burgundy with a creme finish, from a product line called Única Camada, which means 'one coat'. I wasn't able to have a good result with only one coat, but it could just be my lack of technique.

I found it hard to clean. It was still stained on my cuticles. As if I were drunk while painting them... :-p

I did like the end result, though! I even got compliments from the waitress at the mexican restaurant I went to. Not only did she love the colour, but she also put my order under the name 'nice nails'!! ;-)

Because I wanted brighter reds, I started asking my aunts (Cleide, Márcia and Tia Má) for their suggestions...



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