Friday, June 15, 2012

My First(?) Nail Haul

How do you define a Nail Haul?
Is it when you buy a lot of polish and/or nail stuff? Or you consider your gifts to be a haul too?

Here I'm using the definition of purchasing a lot of polish. I did get a couple of care packages so far, but this was my first documented buy.

My husband has been mocking me, saying my polish collection is too big. I told him I wasn't gonna buy any for a while (since I'd gotten so many lately), but then something came up and I just couldn't pass it!

I went to one of the zillion Sephora stores in New York and saw a cute little box with an assortment of Sephora by O.P.I.. I'd never tried any O.P.I.s, but had read good things about the brand. I decided I'd buy it once I'd worn my (many) new polishes.

Getting back to Canada, I checked the local Sephora store. And wasn't exactly please with what I found out: not only was the collection waaaaay more expensice (over 30%), but also it was a limited edition. I regretted not buying it, and sent an email to Tia Má (who was still in NY), to buy me a box if she could.

And she did!! The box was then stored, closed and sealed, in the closet, waiting for me to wear my other untried polishes first...



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