Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ski Ready!

Second part of the ski-outfit-matching series. This time we went to Mont Tremblant (QC) for a weekend, in a group trip organized by one of the student associations at the university.

In search of a reddish pink combination, I decided to layer two nail polishes from Colorama. Rosa Chiclete, bubblegum pink would be the best translation, looks like a failed attempt at a neon pink. It's very bright, though (my husband didn't like it, said it was too pink :-p). Maxi is a jelly burgundy, that I thought would go perfect layered on top of Rosa Chiclete.

My layering experiment didn't work that well, and the colours ended up swirling into each other. But I LOVED the effect. And I would've never achieved it, had I been trying it!



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