Friday, June 29, 2012

My Nail Art Debut

Even before I started blogging, I used to follow a couple nail blogs here and there. Then I'd see a link to another one, and another, and a few more. Nowadays, I follow zillions of blogs through RSS feed, and a few more through email, because they don't offer the first option.

I saw that Nail Arts were trending and, at first, I thought I'd never venture that way. Oh boy, was I mistaken!

My first attempt was somewhat disastrous. I started by layering one coat of Maxi (Colorama) on top of my swirled mani, to even it out. On my ring fingers, I tried Water Marbling. And my pinky fingers suffered from a weird ombré art.

Lessons leaned:
#1: The base colour has to be lighter. Probably the lightest "of them all". ;-)
#2: It's a lot of work, and requires lots of patience! :-p

But I'll keep on trying...



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