Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Polish Days: Jelly Sandwich

This is my Polish Days debut!

Polish Days is a polish addicts round-up, when a bunch of nail bloggers get together and publish a themed manicure. It's amazingly well organized by Hannah, the lady behind Polly Polish. And today's theme is Jelly Sandwich (#SandwichPD), layering a glittery/flakey coat in between two coats of jelly.

I'll be breaking my polish timeline with this post, and I debated if I should post my first Jelly Sandwich, or the second and most recent one. Even though I absolutely loved the first, it didn't photograph that well. The Jelly effect will be better seen on the manicure I was wearing last week (although the picture is still not great).

I'm going through a colourful phase, and started by alternating "Oh My Magenta" (Revlon) and "Lapiz of Luxury" (Essie). Using the Revlon polish as one of my base layers was my little twist on the sandwich, as it is not a jelly or sheer polish.

The glittery effect was brought by "Big City Dazzle" (New York Color).

The top jelly was an even more colourful experiment. Colours used were "Lapiz of Luxury" (Essie) and "Shar Pei" (Risqué). The layers didn't follow the same alternating pattern as the bottom coats, resulting in 4 different shades. Colours used in each finger are listed below, from bottom to top layer.

Left hand: 
Thumb: LofL, BCD, LofL 
Index finger: OMM, BCD, SP 
Middle finger: LofL, BCD, SP 
Ring finger: OMM, BCD, SP 
Pinky finger: LofL, BCD, LofL
Right hand: 
Thumb: OMM, BCD, SP 
Index finger: LofL, BCD, LofL 
Middle finger: OMM, BCD, LofL 
Ring finger: LofL, BCD, LofL 
Pinky finger: OMM, BCD, SP

I found that Essie's Lapiz of Luxury is not a good polish for Jelly Sandwiches. It is a bit sheer, but not exactly jelly, as it doesn't spread evenly sheer (some opacity can be clearly seen on my right hand middle finger). Shar Pei, on the other hand, is the perfect Jelly layering polish! I loved the purplish effect on top of Lapiz of Luxury (left hand middle finger).

Jelly Sandwiches are a great way of renewing your manicure. What I'll do is put on the base colour and keep it for a day or two. Add the glitter and, a couple of days later, add the jelly coat. That way, I have three different manicures throughout the week. And it's not a lot of effort! ;-)

Since this is Polish Days, you can find lots of other Jelly Sandwiches on several other blogs. Go check 'em out! ;-)

Interested in taking part in the Polish Days to come?

Polly Polish explains how they work!




  1. So cute, thanks for being involved! xx

  2. Loved the experience! Will definitely try again.
    Thanks for the initiative!