Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Done with pink!

Looking for a change of pace (or of colour), hubby suggested a blue one. I went for a dark colour, but not blue. The chosen one was Carbono (Colorama). It had already been worn before, but it was such a disaster that no pictures were taken...

Pictures can't really show what Carbono is. It's a dark mix of blue and green, almost black. I would call it a teal. A veeeery dark teal.

The colour is growing on me. I really liked it this time around. Too bad pictures can't really show what it looks like...

I still had problems with this polish, though. It's so hard to clean!! Maybe I need a bit more practice... And the end result was still bothering me.

Nothing that some gold shimmer couldn't fix! I topped it off with a layer of Cobertura Transformadora da Cor - Reflexos Dourados.

It was a completely new polish! Even got compliments from my work colleague! :-)



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