Friday, July 6, 2012

Redemption - a 2nd attempt at Nail Art

After my first (frustrated) nail art attempt, I decided to try again.

Rosa Chiclete (Colorama) was my base colour, since my first lesson was to use a lighter shade.

For the Water Marble, I used the Rosa Chiclete and Maxi (Colorama) pair once more. I L-O-V-E-D IT!!! ;)

Not so happy with my ombré, though. It looked a bit like a failed (and crooked) Colour Blocking, lacking a smooth transition from one colour to the other.

The base colour was Rosa Chiclete, followed by 5ª Avenida, Vinho Fashion and Maxi (all from Colorama).

I gotta learn how to sponge better, tapping lighter and less. And the colours were not my best choice

I find cleaning to be the hardest part of these Nail Arts. Specially Water Marbling!! My being right-handed is the reason for the marbling to be on my left hand...

So, is it any better?



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