Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My childhood best friend came for a visit!

My first trip back home, since I moved, was in the Winter of 2010/2011 (towards the sunny south hemisphere!). Not only did we get to spend the holidays with our families, it was also my birthday!

Not only mine...


Lidia was born 2 days before me. And that coincidence might've been what kept us close during our whole childhood. We met on our first day of kindergarten, back when we were 4 years old, and we were classmates for only two years. Life drifted us apart: different schools, different neighbourhoods, different friends and social circles, but our birthdays were sacred. We used to spend almost a week together every december, having sleepovers.

Then there was a really loooong sleepover. We were roommates during our first year at university. It ended up not being the best arrangement, and the day we split our stuff up felt like a weird divorce. That weirdness lasted for a bit, but then it was gone. We meet every now and then (less and less often, due to the geographic distance), and exchange emails every couple of months.  Yet, it feels like no time has gone by. Except for the fact that we're getting older... :-p


...I was there (in Brazil) for Lidia's birthday as well (back in December 2010). One of her birthday gifts was a cute beauty kit with a couple of lilac/purple polishes. Yes, I'm getting to the polish part!

Lidia planned her first vacation to North America, and a stop north of the border was mandatory! ;-)

With her lilac polishes in mind, I wore two Sephora by O.P.I. polishes: "It's Hippo to be Square" as the base, and "I Don't Bite" sponged on the accent nails.

I wasn't very pleased with the result. First because the ombré sponging was not ombré at all! I still haven't mastered the sponging technique, and at the time I knew even less tricks than I know today... Second, the lilac polish was not easy to work with. Streaky, dragging, just like a white or any pale creme colour. To top it off, lilac is not my colour at all! :-p

I did like the purple glittery one, though. You can definitely fell the glitter, but a top coat works wonders!!

And what was Lidia's take on this one? I'll let you know soon enough... ;-)



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