Friday, August 3, 2012

Freezing cold!

Gotta remind you my posts are not in real time! This was back in February, when we were experiencing below zero temperatures and some snow...

Lidia, my childhood best friend, spent a week with me, experiencing her first 'real' winter! It was my reading week (no classes), and I managed to work only mornings, instead of having a scattered work schedule.

One of the afternoons was grey and gloomy, so we decided to stay home and enjoy some 'spa time'. Lidia wore her new Revlon, Cherries in the Snow, and I tried one of the polishes she brought me, Gelo (Colorama).

Both were very themed manis, considering that her nails really looked like cherries in her snowy hands. ;-)

Gelo means ice in Portuguese. It matched the grey and icy weather outside.

It was easy to apply and to clean. It's supposed to be a one-coater, but I needed to correct a few mistakes with a second coat. Hubby was not a big fan. He said it looks like my fingers when they're freezing and about to fall off (talk about themed!).

I loved her winter visit. Her summer visit can't come fast enough!



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