Friday, August 17, 2012


Last winter was atypical. It wasn't really cold, it didn't snow that much, and it rained a lot, washing all the little snow. I'm not a fan of -20ºC, or shovelling snow, but I love the clear sunny days! The air is so crisp and clean, and the snow is so white. It's just gorgeous!! But such days were rare last winter... And the gloomy grey days asked for red nails!

I had a bunch of untried, from my aunt Cleide's nail care package. After lining them all up and pondering for a while, I had a tie. I was looking for a bright and open red, but not too orangey. Hubby jumped in and selected Nunca Fui Santa (Risqué). I loved it!!

It was easy to apply, and even easier to clean up! A wonderful break from the dark staining colours.

My red nails cheered up that week. And matching skirts and dresses (and pantyhose) made it even more fun!



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