Friday, August 24, 2012

Red vs. Blue

That day, I was feeling like wearing red (again!), but for some weird reason, blue ended up on my nails. The light-but-darker-than-sky blue polish, Chow Chow (Risqué - Risqué ♥ Dogs collection), was chosen to match my pajamas. :-p

Texture is kind of watery, running to the cuticles and requiring three coats for perfect coverage. Clean-up, however, was a breeze! I have a major complaint regarding bubbling, though...

Lots of Brazilian ladies (friends, acquaintances, bloggers) complain that their polish is always full of bubbles. I've heard it's from the heat, or because of a windy environment.

Since there's no wind, or high temperatures in the room I do my nails, I thought I was safe. Boy, was I mistaken! Chow Chow bubbled quite a bit (at least for my non-bubbling standards!).

Bubbles or no bubbles, I loved the colour! And I did wear it a few more times ever since. Don't remember being as bothered about the bubbles, but I might've gotten used to that...



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