Tuesday, August 28, 2012

MBOH or "How do you like your eggs?"

As mentioned before, I am not writing in real time. To show how my nail 'skills' evolved in time, my posts follow the chronological order (or most of it, anyway) in which my manis were done...

I'm also catching up on some delayed posts, as the end of the summer's been crazy busy around here!

OK, onto what matters! :-)

March Break Open House is the opportunity high school students have to visit our University before applying, or accepting an early offer.

Each Faculty has its own colour, and ours is orange. As a good staff member, I wore the company's colours, both on my T-shirt and on my nails. :-D

I had a few oranges in my collection, but none of them were the bright shade I needed to rise to the occasion. Hubby was working on a Sunday afternoon, so I went on a nail polish expedition and came back home with Sunny Side Up (Wet n Wild). That IS how I like my eggs, by the way... ;-)

It's not an easy polish to work with. Streaky, pooling on the cuticles, long drying time. Even after 3 coats, you could still see some dragging...

To cover those slight imperfections, I layered a coat of Star (Risqué) on top. It's a clear base with holographic silver glitter. The glitter looks like white spots in the shade, but sparkles beautifully in the sun! And we were lucky enough to have an early Spring week, so the pictures shows a bit of that sparkle.

I got all sorts of Springy comments about my bright orange nails from both work colleagues and professors! And they went really well with some of my mommymade skirts. ;-)

Even though that heat went away after a week, we had a lovely summer this year. Can't really complain of the weather...



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